Hands In The Air Glitch
To do the hands in the air glitch go to what ever room you want to do it in. Next take of all of your penguin clothes and close your player window. Now bring up your player card and put on the tour guide hat but don't close your player window yet. Now click on another penguin in the room and then close there player card (yours should be gone). Now walk where ever and wave and you should keep your hands in the air (no one else can see you doing this).
Picture 20

Easily Win Sled Racing Glitch
Go to the top of the mountain and go to bunny hill and start a race as soon as you start move one space to your opponent and stay there for the whole race and just sit back and watch!

Moving Member Igloo Items
Go to your igloo and click on the edit symbol now click on yourself and click on your spy phone and click on visit HQ now go to a member igloo and you can move there things. (no one else can see this and you need to be a secret agent.
Picture 22